Open letter to Richard Martinez @Not One More!

Dear Mr. Martinez,

We here at Save Our Sanity. net are so sorry for the loss of your beloved son. You’re so right: no parent should have to go through losing a child, especially to senseless violence. But we’re grateful you have turned this tragedy into an opportunity to instate better gun control.

We applaud you for also addressing America’s mental health crisis. The real problem is not people with a mental illness, it’s the extremely poor quality of mental health care they receive. The drugs + talk therapy approach cures no one. In fact, it was never designed to cure anyone, just suppress their symptoms until they die.

Mr. Martinez, mental illness is a solvable problem and we wholeheartedly support your efforts to make real changes so that truly “Not One More” will die from senseless violence.

Our Current Regimen of American Psychiatry (C.R.A.P.)

From many years of experience in taking my loved ones for psychiatric treatment, I learned that whether you live in New York City or Boring, Oregon, all psychiatric disorders/illnesses are treated with the same 3-step process proven to cure no one. You are given:

Step 1:  A diagnosis.

Step 2:  Talk therapy.

Step 3:  Patented, synthetic drugs.

Whether it’s schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, schizo-affective disorder, “Sudden Rage Disorder,” ADHD, ADD, depression, anxiety, or anything else, that’s all the treatment you get. You’re told that your illness is “incurable,” and that “drugs are the best treatment we have for now.”  Your illness is “managed” until you die. Why? Because that’s where the real profits are. No one makes a dime off you if you’re cured. But if psychiatrists and their buddies, the drug companies, can turn someone into a life-long customer, they can really pull in the dough.

So, let’s look a little deeper at what the C.R.A.P. model of mental health care is really about:

Step 1: The diagnosis. This is only a description of the symptoms being passed off as a “diagnosis.” If these are all real diagnoses, then so are the following:

“Can’t Walk Disorder” for someone with a broken leg;

“Coughs a Lot Disorder” for the person with pneumonia;

“Scratches a Lot Disorder” for the patient with scabies.

Would you agree that these are all just a description of the symptoms? If your family doctor ever gave you such a “diagnosis,” would you accept it? I doubt it. I think you’d laugh at the absurdity and run out the door, never to return.

And yet, all psychiatric diagnoses in the United States are just a description of the symptoms. Think “ADHD,” “Bipolar,” “Anxiety Disorder,” or “Sudden Rage Disorder.”

Step 2: You get talk therapy to talk about how your symptoms make you feel, while the shrink is raking in, what, $150 per hour? $250? $500?

Step 3: You are given patented, synthetic drugs in an attempt to control your symptoms – but there is no attempt to find out what might be causing your symptoms. I know this from many years of being a part of psychiatrist appointments for my loved ones’ so-called “bipolar disorder,” “uni-polar bipolar,” “slight, atypical bipolar,” “bipolar with psychosis,” “bipolar with a touch of schizophrenia,” (no joke, I’m not making that up), and “ADHD.”

I’m sure you know as well as I, that if you don’t know what’s causing a problem, you’ll never be able to fix it. Once I finally realized the psychiatrists were only going to “manage” my loved ones’ illnesses until they died, I began to push a little, asking them what causes these disorders. Just for fun, I began asking each of them, to see what they’d say. Not one out of a dozen psychiatrists could give me a straight answer. Instead, they all said “No one knows what causes mental disorders,” or that “studies show” they’re due to “chemical” imbalances, or “It’s obviously genetic.”

If you’ll pardon the vulgar expression, what crap. Psychiatrists don’t know how to cure mental disorders because they were never taught that particular skill. Medical schools receive millions, probably tens of millions, of dollars from drug companies every year. Is it any wonder all students learn to simply match up symptoms with drugs?

When a psychiatrist says it’s due to a “chemical” imbalance, he always has a chemical he wants you to buy.  But human beings cannot possibly have a “chemical” imbalance, we can only have a biochemical imbalance, that is, a problem with our natural biochemistry. How do you get your biochemistry back in balance? You don’t need chemicals, you need biochemicals,  natural nutrients, most of which can be purchased at any health food store. Biochemicals are the (sort-of) natural substances our bodies need to be healthy, and that includes being mentally healthy. (By “sort-of,” I am referring to the fact that many food supplements are made synthetically. They’re still sort-of natural because they’re made to mimic the real thing as opposed to man-made drugs which are designed to only try to put a lid on the symptoms.)

Of course, if a person is in danger to himself or others, he has no choice but to take patented, synthetic psycho-active drugs to control his symptoms. That’s the law. Everyone else gets to make the choice of whether they want to manage their disorder/illness for life or if they want to really recover.

By the way, I don’t care if someone wants to take synthetic drugs to cover up his symptoms. That’s his or her choice. I’m only writing about using natural treatments to cure mental disorders because it worked miracles for my family members and because I think everyone on Earth should know that suppressing symptoms with drugs isn’t the only way to treat mental disorders. It’s just the vehicle that brings in the most profits for those who run the mental health care system: psychiatrists and drug companies.

Of course, DSHS has a hand in this fiasco, too, at your expense, I might add. More on this later so stay tuned!


Have we already forgotten the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre?

It’s been 8 months since all those little children and their educators were gunned down in Connecticut—and what has changed? Anything? Or have our lawmakers simply given up?

We can’t just put this massacre out of our mind and “move on.” We have to make sure it never, and I mean never, happens again. It can be done but we first have to take the time to analyze what went wrong.

Many of us suspect that the real culprit in the mass shootings was neither mental illness nor assault weapons. There’s a good chance the real cause was the SSRI the patient was taking at the time of the shooting. (By the way, “SSRI” stands for “Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor.” It means the drug forces the body to repeatedly re-use what little serotonin the person has. Low serotonin is one common cause of depression.) SSRIs have been known to cause mania. That’s what happened to one of my own family members when he took Prozac. He became manic, he dressed all in black and got into trouble with the law. Aside from being somewhat depressed, his brain was normal before taking the Prozac. The mania disappeared once the Prozac was out of his system.  Our case was mild by comparison, of course, but the fact remains that an SSRI can cause mania, a form of mental illness.

Instead of an SSRI, why don’t psychiatrists prescribe tryptophan or 5-HTP to increase their patients’ serotonin naturally? Why does their treatment ALWAYS include patented, man-made drugs with all their potential side effects? Could it be because all psychiatrists were once medical students in schools supported by drug companies? No medical school in the country is going to teach students to raise serotonin naturally with non-patented, inexpensive tryptophan or 5-HTP because they don’t want to lose out on all the financial “contributions” from drug companies. What med schools teach regarding psychiatry has very little to do with what is in the patient’s best interest and everything to do with what brings in the most money.

I can think of at least 4 gunmen who were under psychiatric care at the time of their shooting rampages. Were they taking an SSRI?

If they were, the American public is not allowed to know. Citing doctor/patient confidentiality, that information is kept secret. The public is never allowed to know if an SSRI was involved or whether it could be the real cause for the person becoming manic and going berserk. That’s the first problem that needs to be addressed so that we can avoid future mass shootings. I would bet money that even as I write this, there are plenty of other Americans on prescription SSRI meds who are losing touch with reality so it’s only a matter of time before one goes off the deep end and finds people to shoot.

So I think the first step we need to take to stop the violence is to change the law so that the public is informed when someone goes on a shooting spree who is on an SSRI. Maybe that would deter other depressed, low-serotonin people so they would look at more natural ways to increase their serotonin.

If it turns out that an SSRI was involved in even one mass shooting, we need to get this miserable class of drug off the market. At least that would be one concrete step toward solving the problem and ensuring that no little children, or anyone else, is murdered by a mass gunman.

Are any lawmakers willing to take on Big Pharma and rein in their drugs? I’m not holding my breath. They, too, would have to turn down the drug companies’ “contributions.”