Save Our Sanity


Below is a list of links to specific websites and people that we have found to be particularly helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.  We hope that you will find them helpful as well.


For physical and mental wellbeing, this company sells power-packed minerals and other nutrients to improve brain function. Especially useful in bipolar disorders.


Safe Harbor

For a wealth of information on the orthomolecular approach to recovery from mental illness, be sure to check out this site! Run by volunteers, this site exists to tell the world about natural recovery from mental illness. 

Bio-Balance Health

This is the group that has brought orthomolecular medicine to Australia in a BIG way. In the spring of 2013, their conference included training by renowned biochemist, John Walsh, PhD, where hundreds of MDs, other doctors, health practitioners and laypeople alike learned how to apply orthomolecular treatment to their patients and families.

TrueHope (Mental & Physical Wellbeing)

Mindful (a better future for children’s mental health)

SEAR Publications (Finding Quality Care for Mental Illness)

Run by an "Orthomolecular Volunteer of the Year," this site contains a good deal of helpful orthomolecular information including several reviews of books by Abram Hoffer, MD, Carl Pfeiffer, MD and other experts in this field of medicine. Also included is a link for consultations so you can learn more about orthomolecular treatment. Like the other sites, this one is also not for making money - it exists to let others know that orthomolecular medicine is a proven, effective approach to mental health. 


For those whose dopamine level is too low, leading to attention-deficit problems, depression, etc. At least one (expensive) private rehab center uses this for thrill-seekers and those who are trying to stop their use of street drugs.

This is the home of the internationally - acclaimed Orthomolecular Society, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Here you'll learn about the research by Hoffer, Pfeiffer, Pauling, and other giants in the world of orthomolecular medicine. You can also find out where and when the next orthomolecular conference will be held. (In even years, it's on the west coast of Canada, in odd years, it's on the eastern side.) Be sure to look for the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine (JOM). Once an issue of the JOM is 5 years old, you can access it for free! The Orthomolecular Society isn't in business to make money: its income is mostly provided by donations.


Orthomolecular Medicine

If you’re looking for a proven, natural approach to help a child with hyperactivity or another mental disorder, check out Mindful.  They are an educational branch of the Orthomolecular Society, dedicated to children’s optimum mental health through diet and nutritional medicine.  Here is a short video concerning their work.