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We are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the biochemical treatment of mental and behavioral deisorders.

With the orthomolecular approach, thousands of people worldwide have recovered 100% from mental disorders/illnesses.


Author Linda Van Zandt, M.Ed. has written about her family members' ADHD and "incurable" bipolar with psychosis. The mainstay of her book is an easy-to-read layperson's guide to orthomolecular treatment. 

For real recovery, read this book!

America’s approach to treating mental illness cures no one. What this approach does do is use psychotropic
drugs to “manage” the illness, usually for the rest of the patient’s life. Millions of Americans are led to believe that this is the “only viable treatment” because “mental illnesses/disorders are incurable.” Patients are never given a choice: it’s drugs or nothing.

In reality, bipolar, anxiety disorder, depression, schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder, ADD, ADHD, etc., can be cured with “orthomolecular medicine,” meaning “to correct the biochemistry.” 

Orthomolecular treatment is real medical care in which diagnostic lab tests are typically used to determine the biological cause of the illness. Non-proprietary nutritional medicine is then used to restore one’s biochemistry. As the biochemistry is restored, the psychiatric symptoms gradually disappear.



“The use of drugs to treat the symptoms instead of curing the unfortunate victim is similar to that of a parasite, which seeks not to kill the host but to feed off it for as long as possible.”  — Abram Hoffer, MD

In conventional mental health care, for example, when a psychiatrist prescribes  an SSRI (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor) for depression, he or she  hasn’t even tried to find the biological cause of the depression. He only matches

Abram Hoffer, MD

Pionneer of Orthomolecular Medicine

up the list of symptoms to a patented, synthetic drug in an attempt to control the symptoms.


Not only do the drugs not cure anyone, but many of us believe these drugs are the real cause of depressed, medicated people going on insane shooting rampages. Instead of raising a person’s serotonin level naturally, say with tryptophan or 5-HTP, an SSRI keeps re-using what little serotonin the person has. Unfortunately, it does this synthetically and for many, these synthetic chemicals are simply intolerable to their brain. 

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If you or your loved one develops “bipolar disorder” (or some other mental problem) while on an SSRI, don’t believe anyone who says the drug “uncovered” a latent disorder.  That’s a lie. The drug is causing the disorder. 

America’s mental health care system isn’t just “broken”—it was never designed to cure anyone in the first place. It is doing exactly what it was designed to do: bring in the highest possible profits for those who run the system. Its failure has simply become more noticeable recently because it is so out of control. Our country is to the point that now, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, one in every four Americans has a diagnosable level of depression or other mental problem. Our poor mental health is already a national disgrace. At what point does it become a problem of national security?

Just how bad is it? Consider this:

In October, 2000, the King County Council (Seattle area) passed Ordinance #13974, the purpose of which
was to promote recovery for mentally ill DSHS clients. In 2002, still using the drug approach, 9,302 such patients

were treated.  Of these, only 5  patients recovered, ending in a recovery rate of .0005%. For emphasis, that’s point zero zero zero five percent. (Second Annual Report, 2003)  If this treatment isn’t quackery, what is?

Sadly, even though the leaders at DSHS know it’s an epic fail, the drug approach is the only type of mental health care they support—in all 50 states.

The orthomolecular approach is real medical care for mental disorders and illnesses. It is based on real science, at least 80 years of clinical successes, and good, common sense. Medical lab tests are often used to detect the proven, biological cause of a psychiatric disorder or illness, followed by nutritional medicine to restore the person’s biochemistry.

Orthomolecular treatment has a 90% recovery rate for acute illnesses, those cases in which the person has been ill for 2 years or less or when this is only his first or second episode.  In addition, young people tend to respond well and quickly.  In chronic cases, orthomolecular treatment is still considerably more effective than the synthetic drug approach. However, if the patient needs to be stabilized (and quickly), there is no choice: he must be given tranquilizers or antipsychotics—by law.

We here at Save Our have personally used the orthomolecular approach to cure ADD, ADHD, bipolar, uni-polar bipolar, bipolar with psychosis, “slight, atypical bipolar,” irritability, and severe depression. We have met several people who have recovered from schizophrenia. We have been to orthomolecular conferences attended by hundreds of doctors and recovered patients from around the world. We all know the truth about mental illness: most people recover 100% when their disorder or illness is caught early and treated appropriately (with orthomolecular medicine). Check out Australia’s conferences on orthomolecular medicine here.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that mental disorders or illnesses are incurable. That’s just a sales pitch straight from Big Pharma—and Big Pharma isn’t in business to be your friend. Drug companies are in business to make money. The only reason they make money is because we believe their nonsense and buy their junky pills that are “evidence based” to only target the symptoms and turn patients into lifelong customers.

Adam Lanza, the young man who carried out the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, was a product of America’s drug + talk therapy approach to mental health care. So were other mentally ill mass gunmen.

Here is an example of the difference between our current (drug) approach and the orthomolecular approach:

Scientists in France in the 1930s found a connection between histamines and mental health. If a person’s histamines are not in the normal range, he won’t be mentally healthy. Histamines are an important part of a person’s natural biochemistry.

In the United States, a histamine imbalance is treated like this: the patient is never told he has a histamine imbalance because the (conventional) psychiatrist doesn’t even know it himself.  He doesn’t know how to look for the cause of the illness because he wasn’t taught that in medical school. Therefore, a diagnostic histamine test is not ordered. Rather, the patient is told he is depressed, or mentally ill, and that, sadly, there is no cure. Patented, synthetic, drugs are prescribed in an effort to suppress his symptoms. These drugs don’t work very well. In some cases, they may suppress one’s symptoms well enough for him to, say, hold down a job but he is usually still plagued with some degree of psychiatric or emotional problems. For others, the drugs hardly work at all and the patient is turned into a zombie with no job, no friends, no fun, no future—no life. What all these patients have in common is that no matter how poorly the drugs work, they are now dependent upon them until they die. They can either take the drugs, or not take them, there is no other avenue.

In contrast, when the patient is treated with the orthomolecular approach, he is given a histamine lab test; he is told if his histamines are too high or too low; and his histamine level is restored with nutritional medicine. With his histamines back in the normal range, he is mentally well. (You can see why psychiatrists and drug companies wouldn’t want people to know about orthomolecular treatment. They stand to lose millions, even billions of dollars, if people don’t need their goods or services.) Orthomolecular medicine is Big Pharma’s biggest competitor and still growing: it is now used in over 40 countries.

Orthomolecular medicine is not limited to treating abnormal histamine levels. There are other proven, biological causes of mental disorders. In fact, scientists in this field have uncovered most of the biological causes and cures for mental disorders/illnesses.

The Phony “Diagnosis”

As you now know, with our current mental health care approach, “Bipolar disorder,” for example, is nothing more than a description of the

symptoms being passed off as a “diagnosis.”  It’s like diagnosing pneumonia as “Coughs a Lot Disorder.” That too would only be a description of the symptoms.   Psychotropic drugs are used to “manage” bipolar, while never curing it, amounting to an extremely sad failure for the patient, his family and his community. By exclusively using prescribed drugs, the cause of a person’s severe mood swings is ignored. Is it due to a GABA
deficiency? pyroluria? an allergy? Without question, something is causing the illness but, remember, psychiatrists aren’t trained to look for the cause. They are only trained to match up the symptoms with an expensive, patented, synthetic drug, and claim that “drugs and talk therapy are the best treatment available.” If you want to cure bipolar, look into the orthomolecular approach.  What about schizophrenia? Again, drugs are designed to “manage” the patient’s symptoms—for the rest of his life. (To make matters even worse, the drugs often gravely harm the kidneys or liver.) Talk therapy is provided so he can talk about how he feels about his illness—until he dies. If you want to cure schizophrenia, look into orthomolecular treatment because it is a real medical approach based on decades of research. Common causes of schizophrenia include an elevated level of adrenochrome, or copper, or histamines that are too high or too low, etc.  As orthomolecular treatment normalizes the person’s

      Abram Hoffer, MD (left)

      and Linus Pauling, PhD

biochemistry, the psychiatric symptoms fade away and his mental health has been restored.

To cure “schizo-affective disorder” keep in mind that this so-called “diagnosis” is just another label made up to sell drugs and talk therapy. What matters is what is causing this illness.  Does the person have pyroluria? Lyme Disease? An imbalance of amino acids? Something else? If you don’t look for the cause, you’ll never find it and you won’t cure the illness.

Par for the course, ADHD is another diagnosis made up for the purpose of selling goods and services to the unsuspecting patient. Dr. Oz presented an eye-opening video on how the drug, Adderal, used for attention-deficit problems, destroys the person’s dopamine receptors. The orthomolecular approach raises dopamine naturally—and safely.

Psychiatrists and drug makers rely heavily on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) to claim that certain behaviors are psychiatric disorders and are, therefore, in need of psychotropic drugs. In the latest version of the DSM, Version 5, for example, a child no longer has a temper tantrum but has, instead, "Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder." Once a behavior has a "diagnosis," a drug can be prescribed for it. However, in a surprising turn of events, the National Institute of Mental Health is refusing to accept the DSM-5 because it is turning normal emotions into psychiatric disorders - for profit. Of course, the DSM has done this all along but it is now simply out of control. 

We’re not telling anyone to not take the psychotropic drugs that have been prescribed for them. We’re not doctors, just people who have enabled loved ones to escape America’s drug model of mental health care. Our purpose is simply to make others aware that orthomolecular medicine exists and that it is a wonderful way to truly recover from mental disorders/illnesses. As an integrative approach, it never denies synthetic drugs to someone who needs to be stabilized for his or others’ safety. The difference is that the person isn’t simply left on these drugs for life.

There is nothing proprietary about orthomolecular medicine. The lab tests can be ordered by your naturopath or other doctor. Treatment consists of non-patented, nutritional supplements which can be found at most any health food store across the country.

For more information, read Linda Van Zandt, M.Ed.’s book, The Secrets to Real Mental Health—How one family escaped America’s failed, profit-driven system and found mental health care that works. Divided into two sections; section one discusses the personal story of what one family went through and how they coped.  Section two explains the basics of the orthomolecular approach which thousands of people worldwide have used to restore their mental health.

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