Save Our Sanity


Here are a few excellent books we recommend on the topic of natural healing for mental disorders/illnesses.  Each of these books can be purchased through our website, either by clicking the book image or the title.  You will then be directed to in order to complete your transaction. 

We truly hope that these help you as much as they helped us.

Written by Eva Edelman, every physician who wants to restore his patients' mental health should read this reference book cover to cover. Ms. Edelman provides 60 years of outstanding research and orthomolecular treatment success into one easy-to-read volume.

These are the memoirs of the renowned Abram Hoffer, MD, covering his early childhood, his research into the biochemical causes of mental illnesses, and his attempts to persuade the American Psychiatric Association to adopt this approach to curing mental illness (and other mental disorders). It is one of over 35 books and 500 scholarly articles written by Dr. Hoffer.

This slim 1/4" thick book is a godsend for anyone dealing with histamines that are either too high or too low. Author Carl Pfeiffer, MD gives you the real range of a normal level of histamines, not the silly 20-200 ng/mL you might find elsewhere. In his career, Dr. Pfeiffer cured approximately 10,000 patients of schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder, and bipolar by restoring their histamine level.

Through her book, classes, and private therapy, author Julia Ross, MS has helped thousands of clients restore their feel-good neurotransmitters by rebalancing their amino acid levels. A highly recommended book for anyone who is depressed, anxious, unmotivated, irritable, forgetful, unable to focus well, or has other brain/mind issue.

Brain scientist, Eric Braverman, MD, explains how to use amino acids (proteins) to restore one's neurotransmitters to the normal range. Neurotransmitters are responsible for memory, mood, focus, etc.  These aminos, including L-phenylalanine, tyrosine, tryptophan, 5-HTP, and more, can be purchased in most any health food store.